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Full marks for improvisation…

I think this is one of my all time favourites.

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  1. At least it is grammatically correct!

  2. oh i laughed when i read this one, that is fantastic, your boss seems quite set on leaving notes on sticky paper, forget a notepad, we need more stickers!!!!

  3. I love this.

  4. The most creative blog that I have ever seen.


  5. Improvisation, you can’t be a good boss without it, even if it means substituting your post-it notes.

  6. lol awesome.. i kinda wish my boss would leave me stickey notes…but i can imagine it gets old. hey did u know they have giant post it boards with the post it glue..u can stick a banana on that thing. ..think ur boss needs that!

  7. lol – That’d be one of my favourites too!

  8. This is great!

  9. Wow… he has very long name… :p So, how do you call him? Mr.Notes? :p :p :p

  10. antiqueshoes permalink

    haha I really laughed out loud at this one. this is amazing!

  11. Sooooo Funny! Love your blog!

  12. Hold on. He uses your post-it notes?

  13. hilarious!!! but he uses your post-its? he needs to buy his own bunch!

  14. Some years ago I made a supply blunder and ordered 4 pallets of 3×3 notes. I think there’s some left – just give me the address and problem solved:)

  15. After reading several previous notes this is one was perfect and hilarious and several levels. This site is brilliant and your comments are as funny as his post-its. It kills me he uses yours. Well done, I’m an instant fan.

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