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Statement: Is there a serious head injury in your past?


Answer: Idiot Boss

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  1. Hahahaha! Why do you keep working for this boss? 😛

    • That’s easy: He makes for one of the funniest blogs there is!

    • I ask myself that a lot. I think the reason I stick with it though is that I like my job. I’m also convinced that someday someone somewhere in my organization is going to wake up and realize that they’ve made a horrible mistake….and I’d like to be there when they finally chase him from the building.

  2. i love this.

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    Just had to share this blog. It’s funny and all too familiar.

  4. How is this a question????????

  5. Ok just stumbled upon your blog and loving it! SO funny!! It has got to be a good form of therapy to share these notes publicly I’d imagine?

  6. This is beyond hilarious!

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  8. Is this actually legit?? lol Horrible but hilarious 😊

  9. Wow! And I thought it was children who said meaningless things.
    Did you reply to this??

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