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Because using them might inadvertently result in productivity…

office supplies

From this point forward any staff found in possession of a ball point pen may be subject to summary execution…

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  1. This cracked me up!!!! How are one then suppose to work? 😕

  2. Can you post these more often? I miss them when there’s too large a gap. Just leave your boss a Post-It to step up his pace. 😉

  3. Susanne permalink

    Not everyone gets to have a coming out …

  4. I say you start a mutiny. Everyone grabs a pen, ruler, or stapler and take back your workspace!

  5. That is a surely a human rights violation! Officeworks would agree! and Bic!

  6. Dysfunction Diaries permalink

    I have nominated you for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. If you’d like to see the original post, you can find it here.

  7. LOL!
    So, your office supplies will never run out :D.

  8. Hilarious! While at a restaurant recently I saw a sign on the office door that said, “If’ you’re not a manager you are never to be in the office for any reason! Thxs!” Great blog!

  9. brilliant ha

  10. You should totally set up a makeshift tiny office inside the cabinet and start working from inside the cabinet. When he asks you about it say “You told me specifically, ‘Office supplies are to remain in the cabinet’, so I had to move to the cabinet”. Boom. Managed.

  11. Lol! This is exactly how my boss feels! Darn idiots! I call him Scorpion King! 😀

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