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What the Helvetica…?


It’s comic, sans intent…

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  1. LOL how did you respond to that?! *facepalm*

  2. CLEVER!!!! You, of course, not him! I am such a sucker for good wordplay and you’re the master.

  3. Funny, I think we work for the same person, but I’ve never met you..

    • I’ve said it before but I think there is a dark and dangerous factory/lab out there somewhere that builds/clones/produces this particular type of middle manager.

  4. I read this as, “We no longer need to communicate.”

    Hey, why didn’t you reply to my request for info?
    Uhh… I replied in accordance with the policies you set. Did you not get it?

    • I like that interpretation! But I’m not sure that we ever really communicated anyway. He writes post it notes and occasionally talks at me but there really isn’t a great deal of actual communication going on…

  5. Can you get invisible ink for email?

    • I don’t need to get it – just tell him I’m using it! I can see him now – shining an ultra-violet light on his computer screen in an attempt to read my latest email.

  6. Haha maybe it’s too complicated for him!

  7. Reblogged this on THE STRATEGIC LEARNER and commented:
    How to not communicate, even with a direct declarative sentence:) …

  8. cupcakenova permalink

    Unless you are actually composing emails in Comic Sans there is nothing wrong with a good font in an email.

  9. De-font-ed.. 😉

  10. Desire permalink

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha you make my days!!!!

  11. What a cretin… trapped in a typographic nightmare.

  12. Perhaps this is the first step, and all staff will soon will trained in Pictionary.

  13. Sans serfs means no employees doesn’t it 😉

  14. K. Renae P. permalink

    I won’t lie. Sometime I wish fonts and color text would be disabled. Love this blog!

  15. I actually get that Helvetica reference.

  16. Misskaren permalink

    Ahahahah! love this!

  17. lacylauren permalink

    this made me laugh out loud. Wow.

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