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Anything in particular? Coffee cups? Lunch bags? Open sewers…?

look into things

Or perhaps the gaping void that has become my career…?

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  1. Like, THINGS man. Ya gotta look into them, it’s important!
    On another note, your boss should probably stop smoking weed while on the job, missing critical information here LOL

    • Thanks oddgirlnextdoor. I’d love to see the post it notes he leaves for his dealer. “Please come in a brown paper bag”, “can you roll in the bathroom” or “how many ounces are there in a thousand dollars”….scary stuff

      • Yes, yes it is. I admit, your levity in dealing with it on the daily is much more developed than mine haha! I’d just lose it at post-it #7 I’m sure lol

  2. fortunatecave permalink

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    This is such a fun post to wake -up to.Thank God for bosses….who else would we talk about?

  3. C’mon. Things need looking into.

    • Thanks Sonya. To date I’ve crossed “therapy”, “bottle of vodka” and “career counselling” off my list! Next up, “lottery tickets.”

      • Lol – I’m currently on lottery tickets/transfer put. Plan B is sue company for subjecting me to this idiot. Plan C? Well, let’s just say that it might involve a blunt object with a great deal of force. How do you do it?

  4. “Look into these things so I don’t have to look into these things because their all stupid things in general.”

    • Thanks swraynes. I think “stupid things in general” is how others in the company refer to our office. At minimum, it should be the name of our divisional softball team.

  5. “They’re all so stupid things I can’t be bothered to use the correct form of they’re.”

  6. ah damn, one of the few reasons why us teenagers don’t want to grow up 😛

  7. Are you sure we don’t have the same boss lol??

    • I’m starting to wonder if there might be a secret factory (or lab) where middle-managers of this type are being mass-produced…

      • I’ll have to agree. Today, mine asked me when I planned on doing a task – a task that was in the daily to-do list that we were discussing. My answer? “Today.” (You know, like it says on the top right of the sheet where the day’s date is written, you dumb…)

  8. This is by far the funniest blog I’ve seen but has also instilled a fear of getting a job in me. No kidding.

  9. Translation: You don’t look busy enough.

  10. Jered Blanchard permalink

    i’m worried that you might neglect doing stuff while looking into things… you’ve got to maintain focus!

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  12. love this blog – such a good idea and very funny

  13. just checked out your blog for the first time and can’t stop laughing! your boss and mine sound way, way too similar.

  14. themanofmanytelents permalink

    I am pretty sure this has been my job for the last 2 weeks..

  15. theforgetmenotchild permalink

    This blog is actually hilarious, I’ve genuinely chuckled multiple times!
    Check me out please

  16. All that looking and all those things… you must have some serious multi-tasking skills, buddy. Probably gonna take you a month to wade through your performance review.

  17. “Sir, your original note wasn’t clear about what things to look into, so I improvised a little. Here’s a 12 page paper on the theology of unicorns”. You’re welcome.

  18. From the looks of it…I assume your boss thinks you can read his mind. That, or he just has a strange sense of humor? Hilarious!

  19. aquamarineblues permalink

    i love this blog. your boss is one of a kind.

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