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That’s awesome…I’m hoping to become a radial tire.

paperless office

Clearly, he’s misunderstood this whole “transformational leadership” thing…

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  1. Dina permalink

    Brilliant. 🙂

    • He is brilliant in an unconventional, disturbing and endlessly frustrating way.

  2. I love when I get your random posts. I’m surprised you still work in the same office but am glad that you still get “gems” from this guy. Your posts always make me laugh!

  3. OMG. I almost choked. Your boss should meet my boss; they would give each other a run for their money

  4. Our central office has been attempting that for years, but if we don’t keep a paper trail, the central office loses their way.

  5. This one had me in stitches. Don’t know why, but thanks for causing hilarity 🙂

  6. So- does that mean you will get Microsoft “Notes” instead of the old sticky kind?

  7. How many notes have you actually gotten from your boss? Like, just as an estimate.

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