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Okay, but that means I may have to bump October into next year…

reschedule february
My boss takes time management to a whole new level…

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  1. …February?…. this year?… or last?

    • Those are the kinds of questions I tend not to ask. I’ve found the best approach to take with notes like this is to just slip them in to my desk drawer, turn off my computer and take a long walk. Not only does it clear my head but he’s generally moved on to something new by the time I get back.

      • Apologies John… couldn’t resist… I have a tendency to ask the questions that will eventually cause some sort of managerial embolism… and then (if I don’t get promoted) I’ll get a new one to play with!

      • Hahaha this made me laugh!

  2. I can’t even decipher what he really meant. Is it the lack of the leap year though?

    • Welcome to my nightmare. At least when he asked me to reschedule June I was able to figure out that he meant the person, not the month. I suspect he wanted me to clear his calendar for the month but he’s notoriously brief on details and not an expert on context either.

  3. Well he just needed more time to pick out a valentines present,, so if you switch it with April that might help. You know we women can be, we’ll ask you for the moon and the stars too

  4. February in summer works for me…

  5. If you figure out how to move October, let me know.

  6. These notes are priceless.

  7. maybe he means like a game of pick up sticks. Throw all the appointments in the air and weeeeee! See where they all fall down! 😀

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    its………. .cooooooollll

  9. I have a stack of post it notes a mile high- did you know they used to be called stick-ums?

  10. I thought I lost a month in there somewhere. Now I know why 😉

  11. Puahahahahahaha! Or wait, is he trying to play God or Doctor Who?

  12. Ha! Your boss sounds brilliant! :o)

  13. These truly belong on a Wall of Shame. I think you should create the Wall and photograph it. One never knows when one could use one of these handy gems! I’m a follower!

  14. HAHA your boss sounds like a laugh and a half!! Truly a deserved post!!
    Ellie Dijkhuis from

  15. Reagan K Reynolds permalink

    I recently quit my 9-5, but I received this one.. and march… and may… in fact, did my boss ever work?

  16. JimNero009 permalink

    I agree with your boss. February needs a lot of sorting out. I mean, 28 days? Start pulling your weight.

  17. pleazna permalink

    Showed this to my boss. “Can we do that?” She said.

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    Yes let’s.

  19. Woah woah… let’s not jump to conclusions. February could be the name of a lunch date. You might be dealing with a social butterfly of a boss.

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    It’s been a hectic month….

  21. Alright, who votes to have February voted off the island?

  22. this is hilarious. I’m conflicted, because I kind of want to be friends with your boss… yet I kind of want to give him a quick throat punch, too. I’m not sure how I got here, but my trolling has once again had not let me down.


  23. findingcoopersvoice permalink

    Finding this blog has made my day. Thank you. I am laughing out loud at my desk. Which is most likely creeping out my co-workers. Love!

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    Loool this blog is amazingly hilarious. Subtle and sarcastic humour is right up my street!

  25. kendibanks permalink

    I love this blog….. have you ever worried about whether your boss will ever see this and figure out who you are

  26. Time Management, this is how I found the success…….

    1. Open the Notepad and write down all your thoughts.
    2. Schedule interviews and discuss with yourself and prepare time blocks for high priority thoughts.
    3. Waste min 30% of your time engaged in the thoughts.

  27. I never knew someone could reschedule a month. This February or last?


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