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Okay. How about I start with “WTF” and go from there…

I guess it’s a step in the right direction. Last month he asked me to think in bullets.

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  1. Wow, I can’t even decipher what he really meant by that one.

    • It’s hard to say. But he is the type of person who is easily impressed by excessive use of acronyms – he seems to think that overuse of jargon is a sign of “strategic thinking.” I blame NASA.

  2. that’s pretty dangerous to ask a subordinate to think in bullets

  3. I always LOL. Love these.

  4. Murray permalink

    but WTF is not an acronym; it’s an abbreviation

    • I know (see tags). But i couldn’t ask him to rewrite it to “think in abbreviations”

  5. Michelle Gillies permalink

    There once was a fellow who attended the same board meetings as myself that spoke almost entirely in acronyms. The rest of us would be looking at each other pretty much saying WTF? After he would present I would then go through a list of acronyms I had written down that he spewed and ask him to decipher each one so that we would know what he was talking about. Somehow he never caught on that he was not “cool” and was wasting our time.

    • Hmmm…not a short balding fellow who is easily distracted by baked goods or shiny pens by any chance?

      • Michelle Gillies permalink

        Heheheheh…well, he was definitely short. He use to walk around the office with a tooth brush.

  6. Haha this is great, really cheered me up! I worked with a guy who used to leave me post it notes too, kinda nice to know he’s not alone 😛

    For anyone else bored at work!:

  7. Try to think in morse code…

  8. If your boss finds this blog you are absolutely ******.

  9. Randomly Landed here … Looking at that post it I felt like posting something here … God Bless your boss,,,

  10. Landed here from the recommended humor section blogs. It’s people like your boss who make people like you (maybe) cry, but people like me (ie: not working for him) laugh. Thanks for helping us all get a good laugh

  11. I landed here after accepting this week’s challenge
    Thanks for the laugh!

  12. Acronyms, huh? Well, this is interesting. This is the first post I’ve read of yours, but I do think that this is something to think on. Literally. Maybe a clue or something? Ha ha, seems like an interesting boss.

  13. I stumbled upon your blog today during my lunch and seriously, what a delight! I have been laughing out loud. I am convinced my cube neighbors think I am a lunatic because of you – who has that much fun at work?

    Seriously, though, I was sad when I reached the end of your blog and realized there were no more post-it notes. I hope your boss continues his post-it rampage forever.

    If you don’t mind, I’d love to give you a shout out on my blog.

  14. Please keep posting…for our enjoyment and your sanity!

  15. I had a stupid, crazy boss like that. I mean she was honestly crazy and stupid. I wish I had written down all her crap down now. It was a real trip. Is crazy and stupid a requirement for upper management these days?

  16. Never underestimate the ability of an acronym to come back and bite you!

    For instance: we just added a little lean-to off the side of the house for the whole-house water filter. We call it the WC. It’s a closet, and it’s for the water…

    A friend works for the local pipeline. He’s also an extremely conservative Christian, which makes the rest of this even better. Anyway. He objected to the “WC” label, asking, “Do you know what that refers to over in Europe?”

    Well, yes, that’s why we found it amusing.

    “You should call it the Water Treatment Facility.”

    … and then he couldn’t figure out why my husband came back with, “You don’t want THOSE initials on the door!”

  17. hahahahaha!!!!

  18. kberger10 permalink

    Start watching at 58 seconds:

    I don’t know your boss, but this is what i see…

  19. Hahaha,that literally made me burst out laughing! Thanks for the laugh,and I love your blog. It’s different than anything I’ve read so far.

  20. Too funny!!

  21. Military life to a T

  22. You are killing me ….your notes are GREAT,…I should probably double my fun and only read them while at work….

  23. kendibanks permalink

    OMG….. are these real? Is your boss really that stupid?

  24. Do you really have this kind of boss? Wow. Too funny. Well, you get good writing material.

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