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I’m actually relieved. My assless chaps are still at the dry cleaners…

Shirts, however, remain entirely optional…

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  1. Office life can be so constricting.

    • Quite true, Corrie.

      I find the office is much more productive when we’re able to loosen our ties, roll up out sleeves and toss our pants into a big pile in the boardroom.

  2. I prefer to work at home on those days and stay in my pajamas.

    • Thanks Pamela,

      Actually, pajamas would be a step up for a few of my colleagues.

  3. that could be a fun day at work…pants is subjective. short pants, long pants, baggy pants, tight pants, I could go on and on

    • As long as we draw the line at Jodhpurs, Lederhosen and acid wash jeans you’ll get no complaint from me.

  4. catfromhell permalink

    Bathrobe, to sweatpants, to shorts and a t-shirt, that was my day at work

    • I considered the bathrobe but it was hard to find a tie that matched.

  5. Reblogged this on benzeknees and commented:
    Couldn’t resist this. Have a great weekend everyone!

  6. I re-blogged this at . My ideal day at work – pyjamas!

  7. I’m afraid to ask what past happenings prompted this note…

    • I’ve given up guessing what prompts these notes. I spend enough time just trying to decipher them…

  8. addercatter permalink

    Hahaha, I love this! I am such a literal person and my husband is so vague much of the time. This was a great laugh for us as I used it to prove my point on the importance of being specific. Thanks, Cat ^..^

  9. LOL. One of those things at work!

  10. the howler and me permalink

    are underpants considered pants?

    • I dare not ask…I’d be told to form a working group to investigate, come back with recommendations and then develop a formal policy.

  11. I always thought the chaps with nothing else was a very HOT look. It’s the combination of flesh and the intense odeur de horse. Yummy.

  12. Yet one more reason to be happy I’m unemployed! No pants for me! Yay!

  13. Hahaha, imagine how this note must look for someone of British origin!

  14. lol good thing i’m wearing shorts!

  15. stacylynne65 permalink

    Was the regional director wearing pants?

  16. Hmmm… skirts, fishnet hose, or stiletto heels that day, huh?

  17. If only I was in the workplace to appreciatec appropriate attire…

  18. I just found your blog and admit I spent a good half an hour reading through these sticky notes and trying to avoid laughing out loud while at my desk trying to look productive.

  19. Dang it, so no Batman suits?!

  20. Just laughed aloud reading this one, not appropraite when you are supposed to be working haha πŸ™‚

  21. There should be a wear your pajamas to work day. That would be amazing. Instead of business suits all day, people could show up in pj’s and slippers!

  22. well what happens if you don’t own a pair? I really enjoy your blog πŸ˜€

  23. Love this!!! Guess Its time to buy some pants!

  24. Reblogged this on Eva Santiago and commented:
    This post made me laugh out loud…literally πŸ˜€

  25. nugu permalink

    and this is hillarious πŸ˜€

  26. tracy339 permalink

    So pants are optional when the regional director isnt there?

  27. We once received a memo at work reminding us that proper undergarments should be worn at all times. No mention was made of pants, however πŸ™‚

  28. OMG your headlines are the funniest part! You have me cracking up!

  29. themanofmanytelents permalink

    This sounds like a policy at a strip club

  30. Haha if i had a nickel….

  31. Just came across your blog. There are tears running down my face from laughing. These are so funny!

  32. thesourmangoes permalink

    Only? *giggles*

  33. I’m not sure why my computer is no longer allowing me to “like” your posts but whatever the reason is completely unacceptable.

  34. Oh my gosh, I am dying!!! I don’t know how I found your blog. Or why your boss is so dumb. But thank you for sharing this with the world!

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