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I’ll get back to you on that first thing tomorrow morning…

I can’t wait until he asks Juliet about her tendency toward excessive periods…

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  1. Wow, could you cut that down guy? And don’t give us this BS that its natural.

    • What can I say? Clean living and a healthy diet.

      I’m still not sure, however, if he thinks I’m using it too much or just in the wrong place…

      Frankly, I’m scared to ask.

  2. Its good to know your boss cares so much about your internal well being, he literally does give a shit.

    • It would appear so. And I suppose that being full of it himself – he’s a bit of an expert in the field.

  3. Shiniangel permalink

    And what about he checks what he writes before giving it to you T.T

    • He doesn’t have that kind of filter. Actually, he doesn’t have any kind of filter.

  4. Okay, I read a few of these. Are you serious?

  5. He cares! He really cares!! *wipes tear

    • I was moved to tears as well. Sadly, most days at work I’m moved to tears.

  6. Before or after coffee?

  7. Shouldn’t it have read:

    “Please check your:
    colon usage”

    Remember careless. Grammar costs. Lives.

    • Very: true. I’ll have to sit down with him and have a heart to heart about where and when he should be exercising his colon…

  8. Anyone notice the missing question mark?

    It’s anarchy out there!

    • I wouldn’t object to some anarchy. I have to fill out three forms and get 12 signatures before receiving approval to sharpen my pencil.

      • That made me laugh out loud. At work. Where yesterday my supervisor told me that she wasn’t very “ellicant” so she couldn’t find the right words to say.

  9. Wow, Haha i have to say if my boss was to leave something like that i would have to come in the next day wearing more!

  10. To be fair, your company’s had to buy a multitude of new desk chairs because of your…issue.

  11. KMKH permalink

    your blog is amazing! Though its heartening to know ‘ unique pieces of work’ are not limited to one part of the globe. What can i say – misery loves company! My last job (was there for 4 yrs) but i quit the day after my boss decided he wanted me to recite nursery rhymes for him because he was bored and just a bit nostalgic for his childhood. Being pushed into standing at his desk and reciting “Little Boy Blue’ and others in Hindi is probably the lowest point in my career to date.

  12. o dear o dear…. 😀

  13. mac permalink

    You must have the greatest boss in the whole entire world.

  14. Oh my word – this is a hilarious blog. I just found it and love it. Thanks for the laugh. You are added to my blog roll.

  15. Again: sounds he’s crossing the “personal issue” line, there : : : 🙂

  16. This would crack me up except for my suspicion that it’s a heartbreakingly true saga. You have my sympathies, sir.

  17. Spellcheck: you gotta love it…

  18. I’m torn between yelling GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN, QUIT, QUIT! and OMG please never leave becasue the entertainmaint factor is off the charts. I have added you to my blog roll and possibly a daily prayer list, you need it!

  19. hegorrhoids permalink

    Maybe your employment contract requires you to have colonscopies.
    Always check the small prints…

  20. wwfd301 permalink

    OMG…these posts are cracking me up!!! Jeff Foxworthy’s “Here’s your sign” can’t ever measure up to you!!

  21. My doc has been trying to get me to do this for months now. Hopefully he won’t resort to post-it notes.

  22. i want to know if you laugh or cry the first time you discover each post.

  23. guinifi permalink

    I love this blog! It’s a great stress relief to laugh ~ albeit quietly to myself.. in my cubicle .. when I really should be focusing on reports hehe – Good stuff!

  24. It’s true. Bad grammar can be very messy.

  25. This belongs in the Post-it Hall of Fame. My Boss hates paper anything but especially stickie notes. After reading your blog I’m beginning to see that as a bonus!

  26. at least he cares

  27. My wife will pretty much get to the same point/request.

  28. chloelaurenne permalink

    Reblogged this on Cafuné.

  29. I nearly shit myself laughing while reading this! 😀

  30. this post has me in tears!

  31. Reblogged this on artwordsmith2's Blog and commented:
    Much needed laugh!

  32. Just laughed out loud. 😛

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