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It’s easy. Pick up the phone, dial and then breathe heavily…

On second thought, maybe it’s better if you don’t..

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  1. Ohhhh. Wow that’s bad.

    • Yeah. I left early to go home, shower, drink and then shower again.

  2. Use telepathy. It’s the only way!

  3. Wow. Mind-blowing! That is pretty remarkable stupidity.

  4. Shiniangel permalink

    Does he even knows where they are or their phone number….. Nevermind -,-0 I am more thinking of “How the heck did he become a manager”

    • I hope for their sake (and ours) that he never manages to locate them. As for how he became a manager, it’s a head scratcher alright.

      • Asking dumb questions has been known to be one sure way of climbing the corporate ladder rapidly 🙂

  5. susanjae permalink

    oh my, this is everywhere. my boss always asked the exact thing …. doh doohhh

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