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I’ll also work on answering the phone before it rings…

It’s a shame. My psychic abilities are what got me the job in the first place…

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  1. There seems to be a crackdown on psychics lately.

    Rob, the mainland.

  2. It leaves one wondering what prompted your boss to write this post-it note in the first place.

  3. Haha, this one is my favourite.

  4. misswhiplash permalink

    Have you been away. This is the first post of yours that I have seen for ages!

    If you have ..then it’s good to see you back

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  6. Just… boggling. And yet so believable. Glad to see a new post 🙂

  7. Does he believe you can read by osmosis without opening your mail?

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    If I worked for someone like this , I would either quit or start a blog. Guess the choice was obvious for you.

  9. Haha what excatly was the thought process leading up to this i wonder

  10. I think this is because maybe he is tacking on a notice sent back to him when you have read the message. My boss does this to see how long it takes me to get to his email, so he tacks on a “read receipt” on to his messages to make sure I got them in a timely manner. Like he needs even more email in his box checking up on me? But if you have a window that shows the message without opening it, you can skip right over the open, delete the message or skip it so it does not look like it was even read, and not sending a read receipt to his email. Anyway, just a thought into what brought on this madness and micro-management in this situation?

  11. I love it. We miss you. Hope all is well.

  12. I hate the read receipt, and I have gotten in trouble with just deleting emails in the past. I think the best one is when I blocked our HR’s daily mailings to us. They thought it was the end of the world, but I just enjoyed the lack of ‘spam’.

  13. anna.lemons.icetea.nerd permalink


  14. stacylynne65 permalink

    C’mon..these can’t be for real (they are funny tho)

  15. Love this one, I prefer telepathy is easier and faster, hahaha love it, your boss is hilarious!

  16. Do we work at the same office? I think it is quite possible that we might. My idiot boss has some doozies too

  17. vkfrenzy permalink

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  18. Ah. I KNEW I forgot something.

    Hate when that happens.

  19. nugu permalink

    Omg. I used to read mail only from its summary. OMG

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    This is a hilarious read, sometimes bordering on making you think ‘Sorry what the what the what now?’

  21. harrisonmeredith7 permalink

    Hahahaha these are hilarious. I don’t get how he became a boss, these are awful hahaha. Hopefully one day he doesn’t find all of these posts and realize it’s him that a lot of us are laughing at!! And I love your sarcastic take on all of these, makes it 10 times funnier. Keep on keepin on

  22. Ha! I leave my kids post-it notes of a similarly idiotic nature on their bedroom doors and Today’s said, “Please clean your room before the cleaning lady comes!” YOU ARE BRILLIANT! This is a brilliant concept for a blog! This one (inparticular) is my favorite. I look forward to much more “sticky situation”al humor from you!


  1. I’ll also work on answering the phone before it rings… | oldienewbies
  2. I’ll also work on answering the phone before it rings… | Nutshell

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