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Yes, and before you ask, I believe it’s mandatory…

I sure hope it is anyway…we aren’t a handsome bunch.

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  1. In Japan they got something called “coolbiz”. It’s a national program that lets office workers where short sleeve dress shirts instead of a shirt and jacket during the summer. Awesome idea, hate the rigidity of it! Starts on X date, ends on x date. Doesn’t matter if its hot or cold after or before those dates.

    • Personally, I think people should be encouraged to wear more clothes. Especially where I work.

  2. If they can have a nude beach why not a nude office??

    I was beginning to think that you had killed your boss, or much worse…………………….that he’d been promoted!!!!!!

    • I’m not saying they couldn’t – just that in our case it would be really ill-advised. In addition to us being unattractive, we’re also not real bright. My boss has gotten his shirt sleeve caught in the shredder before – can’t imagine what damage he might do naked.

      Haven’t killed anyone and, sadly, no one’s moved on. Just busy.

      • theasaurusvol82 permalink

        Holy hectic, your boss sounds like a prime idiot. How to you get a shirt sleeve caught in a shredder? Next thing you know, he’ll give himself a papercut to his eyeball (I hear it’s not an uncommon occurrence and seems just the sort of thing your boss would do).

  3. I know this social worker that wore spaghetti strapped tops to the courthouse, while I sat rigid in my suit and heels. I wanted to smack her with a common sense policy.

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