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In case of emergency, leave post it note…

Our disaster plans are enacted daily…

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  1. I feel safer already.

    • As you should. Unfortunately I believe I was off at a 3 day conference when he left me this. Even more unfortunately, the building was still standing when I returned.

  2. Wow! Try not to die.

  3. misswhiplash permalink

    Where have you been? I have missed you! Maybe I have just not seen your blog on my inpost folder. Anyway it is good to see you back on here….

  4. welcome back!! I see you have been slaying dragons with a pen in one hand and a post it in the other to put out fires!!

  5. was he trying to contact a firemen? Not sure I got this one…

  6. Welcome back, John! How about a fire extinguisher to celebrate your return?

  7. so, are you the fire warden? if you are, remove his office from the disaster plan and tell him he is his own fire warden because he is special.

  8. So, Fire Warden…Did you get to keep the Red Swingline Stapler? (Sorry- made me immediately think of Office Space for some weird reason…) Digging the blog, very funny. A bit sad with some of the notes, but funny.

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