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And keep your hands off Bob’s knobs while you’re at it…

Not to worry. I’m sure that like most men, I wouldn’t be able to find it anyway.

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  1. you should report him to HR…it sounds so dirty, like sexual harassment!

  2. this one is weird…

  3. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Really, that rule should apply across the board. “Don’t touch other people’s thermostats.” (Good thing he didn’t say “Julie is hot”)

    • Yeah…finding a note that said “Julie is hot please adjust her thermostat at once…just don’t turn her off completely” would have been just plain disturbing.

  4. Wow, creepin. I’m so glad I’m not Julie.

    • Creepin, indeed. I honestly haven’t been able to look at Julie the same way since.

  5. Despite my notoriously bad luck with women, I’m one of the few and the proud who have no trouble at all finding their thermostats!

  6. Does this mean Julie complained to him about being cold and blamed you? Can I come work in your office for a day just to experience this insanity? Please.

    • I’m pretty sure that Julie must have complained but I’m not convinced she blamed me. SF may just have assumed that I was behind the thermostat juggling or, more likely, left the same stupid note on everyone else’s desk too.

      Stop in for a visit anytime you like.

  7. I think I´ve seen a thermostat once ..
    (it wasn´t working though)

  8. Is this supposed to be sexual or does it just sound that way?

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