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That’s a shame but thanks for checking. If anyone changes their mind, tell them it’s in the fridge…

I was hoping we could use it as a team building exercise…

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  1. i say Curry baked curry sandwiches are in order for at least a week! Oh and make sure to add some cabbage in there too!

    • Sounds like a plan. Perhaps with a tuna fish salad. The odd thing is, I never eat at my desk…

  2. Oh dear, John. I fear I may understand what the SF is saying in this one……what horrible thing does this mean for me???????

  3. lol……did you tell them it was chicken?? they may like it!!!!!

  4. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Ok, how about your socks then?

    • He should consider asking people how they feel about his cologne. At least lunch hour is a time-limited event.

  5. You could reply, “No one wants to smell you!” But you’ll probably want to wait till you retire!

  6. I can’t believe someone would even take the time to write this…and then to think it’s someone who manages people. The employee engagement in your office must be off the charts. (under the line, that is)

  7. We have decided to bring the smelliest, stinkiest food to our work meetings. Serious.

  8. Oh man…you make me laugh.

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