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When the big hand is pointing at the 12 and the little hand is pointing at the 12…

Honestly, there are some things you just assume they teach in manager school.

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  1. omg…omg…really, I laughed out loud…and then I laughed at myself for laughing, and then I had to read it again to make sure it really was as crazy as I thought the first time. What the hell did you answer to this one? There is no way you could have answered with a straight face.

    The only thing I could think of in response was to ask him which country he wanted to know about.

    • I try not to answer at all. SF has a short attention span so follow through on the notes isn’t a top priority. In this case, though, I suspected he was referring to the regional meeting the following day (which was schedule to start at 1o) but it just amazed me that he would leave such an open ended and oddly phrased note on my desk.

      I was actually tempted to respond with “immediately at the conclusion of today” but that likely would have just led to more questions.

  2. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Maybe if you tell him that tomorrow starts in January, you’ll be able to get some actual work done during the next few months. Too funny!

    • An interesting tactic but he’d probably just ask me when January starts….sometimes engaging in conversation (or note trading) just brings on more work and more frustration.

  3. Or you can attempt to get really philosophical with him. State answers about time being all relative and perceived in the dimension of one’s own mind. Then watch his head explode.

    • That’s a risky approach – he might actually express an interest.

      Plus, engaging SF in conversation usually results in your head exploding – not his. Still, I may use it in a pinch. It might confuse him enough to temporarily stun him and allow me to slip away.

  4. speechless! what a gem ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Ha, ha–but give him some slack, both hands are pointing at the 12 at noon, also!

    • Good point. He really isn’t an analog clock sort of guy. But saying…”when the number 12 is followed by a colon and 2 zeros” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  6. I would have said, usually it starts tomorrow but due to daylight saving it starts later on today!!!
    or something clever like “Tomorrow never comes”

    • I like the daylight savings idea….I can almost see him mulling that over and then nodding his head vigorously like he knew it to be true all along. Saying “Tomorrow Never Comes” would probably result in something horrifying. I see it like this:

      Me: Tomorrow? Ha! Tomorrow never comes.

      SF: Wasn’t that the name of a James Bond movie?

      Me: No. That was Tomorrow Never Dies. Tomorrow never comes means…

      SF: I think you’re wrong. It was a James Bond Movie. I saw it three times.

      Me: Okay, sure. Anyway, regarding tomorrow…

      SF: We should show a Bond Movie at our next team meeting. What was the one with the Octopussy?

      Me: Uh…Octopussy.

      SF: It could be a team building exercise…remind me to leave you a note asking you to pick up a copy. Now, what time does tomorrow start?

      Me: (biting tongue) The meeting is at 10…

  7. Hahahaha I love this! Really? I swear, I don’t know how these people get into management positions.

  8. minifemmenomad permalink

    I just laughed incredibly hard. Belly aching cramp, gasping for air, almost sliding out of my computer chair hard. Followed by my ever favorite phrase since finding this blog, “OH MY GOD!!” I believe I have sufficiently worn out the phrase so much that I have to find a new one. Gonna be hard. But I laughed so hard that I started crying, and laughed some more.

  9. 12:01 am? hahaha
    Oh God…this cracked me up! LOL

  10. LOL, how funny it is

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