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I guess “womentors” would be the most obvious choice but please don’t quote me on that…

Given the way our department promotes women, I’d say “fiction” may be a better choice.

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  1. I’m glad you’re the person he asks these deep thought questions too.

    • Yeah, I’m blessed. And if you think his notes are bad, you should hear him speak.

  2. Well you can’t just call them “mentors”, us women don’t teach real stuff like men do. Preposterous.

    • Preposterous Indeed. That’s why I’m so grateful to have -SF- as a mentor. Clearly, no woman would be able to pass on these nuggets of wisdom.

  3. Think I’d go with “fementors”.

    • A very good suggestion. I’ll be sure to pass that along for his consideration. Thanks!

  4. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    How that question even occurred to him is beyond my comprehension!

    • Truly. But I assume he was tasked to come up with some kind of succession planning document or leadership framework and had a panic attack when he came across the word mentor and started wondering if it was politically correct.

      I wonder if that’s the reason we no longer have a mentoring program. Or mental health…

      • bigsheepcommunications permalink

        Careful – you’re starting to understand how his mind works.

  5. I am begining to think he has a comic who writes them for him!! they get better and better!!!

  6. I don’t think there is a proper term for female mentors (other than “female mentors”)!
    “Womentors” may end up in the dictionary now though (if NOW has no problem with it)!

    • I hope they credit him. It will be a nice addition to his list of dubious honours.

  7. I can’t understand how he comes up with these questions either. Are the “post it”s always a question or are they sometimes an order?

    Post more often. We need the humor.

    • Actually, I hadn’t thought about it but they usually are questions. He leaves urgent commands and odd observations now and again but he is usually looking for an answer to something.

      I haven’t posted much lately because it’s been busy at work. May and June are our most hectic months. Plus, I’ve had a lot of post it notes to answer over the past few weeks…

      • Feel free to post your post-it notes online for us to help you answer if you get a backlog! Hang in there through May and June!

  8. Many of these notes I can make some sense of, but not this one! At least it means he has the desire to say something correctly — that is the first step.

  9. suzie permalink

    i wonder if people still using post it notes. i am sure you have emails at work. lol but the good things i enjoy all them. just found yourblog and feel pity and blessed at the same time.

  10. Reblogged this on Walk With A Witch and commented:
    Same goes for my office here….

  11. Is your boss single? Sounds like he’d really hit it off with mine…

  12. honestlythink permalink

    Now this – this is the kind of gold that always made me seethe, then laugh and shake my head at stupidity! We all need dumb ones in the world. Makes our lives more entertaining!

  13. duh permalink


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