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I actually spend more time stuffed into my credenza but it’s still a good point…

We’re the office Keebler Elves…

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  1. I can’t believe these just get better and better!

  2. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Sneaking off to Narnia during the workday, huh?

  3. This reminds me of Harry Potter.

  4. Maybe it’s to avoid cabinets being locked while you are in them. I am picturing this becoming a policy close to the “Bob” safety measure. 😉

    • I hadn’t considered that. I’ll have to suggest that we develop a cabinet locking policy at the next team meeting. That should keep us all busy for the next 6 months.

  5. It could be a slogan for a horror movie. The “monster” though would be your idiot boss.

    • Ha. Yes…and the tag line could be “It came from the depths of h – l”

  6. You are hilarious.

    Now you know he is looking in your cabinets….doesn’t this just scream at you to set something up? Maybe stock it full of different colored post it notes with a sticker on top saying “PLEASE WRITE ON ME”?

  7. The last thing I want to do is encourage him.

    Maybe a plate of cookies and a small snare. I could keep him trapped in there until retirement.

  8. Oh man… I usually visit and had a chuckle but this one really truly laughing at the screen silly nilly I just had to comment. Is he secretly wishing you’re a magician or something? Gone stuffing oneself in furnitures? I hope you got a raise after this one 😀

    • At last count I had over 300 of these types of notes. I’d say I’ve earned that raise…

  9. Just what is that you have in your cabinets? Is he afraid that your “ghetto” cubicle mates might snag the lastest edition of the TV guide from the comfy arm chair?

    • I honestly have no idea what he thinks we keep in there. Last time I checked all I had was my filing, a large stack of resumes and a bottle of southern comfort.

  10. The note alone is amusing–but “We’re the office Keebler Elves…” makes it hilarious!

  11. rainb0h permalink

    I’ve seen a lot of small work spaces, but this might top the list…

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