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Check in your cabinet. I think I saw it filed under Irony…

I suppose it’s better than the time he asked me to “shop around” for a procurement policy.

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  1. God I love your boss!!!

    • You’re certainly welcome to him.

      I’m pretty sure he isn’t covered under the lost property procedures and I don’t think anyone would miss him too much. Just give him a blackberry, some post it notes and water him a couple of times a week and he’ll be pleased as punch.


  2. Your job has such perks!

  3. You should compile these in a book.

    • …And then give it to him as a present. I wonder if he’d recognize any of his own notes? Or his own initials?

  4. Haha, your boss is my favourite! Are you guys hiring?

    • We’re always hiring. There are a few of us that have been around forever but most usually leave after 6 to 9 months of -SF- and his “post-modern management style.”

  5. alison permalink

    He is unwittingly doing better than Alanis Morissette.

  6. I can’t believe you have managed to collect so many of these notes and yet your head has not exploded. I’d be duct taping mine together for days…

    • Ha. I have to admit there are days when I do think my head may explode. I hadn’t considered duct tape and will have to give that a try – Up until now I’ve been holding things together with alcohol.

  7. Seriously, he is too ‘good’ to be true. Are you sure you’re not making these notes up? If he were under the age of 9, I’d say these quotes were priceless, but from a boss they are pure sitcom fodder.

    • Hi Kate,

      Sadly, no, I am not making these up. And frankly, I’d be worried if I could. You should hear his voicemails – they’re a riot.

  8. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Check in the big manila envelope marked “Do Not Open.”

  9. Thanks bigsheep,

    I’ll pass that tip along. I actually have a post-it note from him that says “read your mail before you open it.” Still not sure what the hell that means.

    • bigsheepcommunications permalink

      Reminds me of the sign my son has on his bedroom door: “This sign has been removed.”

  10. You are so lucky! My boss is just as annoying (if not more) but not the least bit internet-fun worthy!

    • Sorry to hear that. If I couldn’t find a way to poke fun I’d probably be poking out my eyes. Good luck!

  11. Please don’t poke out your eyes. You wouldn’t be able to read the post-it notes. Is there a pattern to his notes? Do you get them every day, in the morning when you come in, just back from lunch? I want to know if you have this hilarious fun every day or it is more of a surprise attack!

    • There really is no patter, workingtechmom. Sometimes he will go for days (or even weeks) without a note and then I’ll get a sudden barrage of 2 or 3 in one day.

      He seems to leave them when he is either bored (and has time to think about internal policies and processess) or when he’s really wound up about something.

      As far as time of day goes, again, he’s all over the map. He does seem to like leaving them at the end of the day, though. They are often the first thing I see in the morning.

  12. Oh boy! I’ve just come across your blog and love it already but this post it has made me laugh uncontrollably for so long! Gold.

  13. This blog is so funny!!

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