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Thank God, because I can never reach you on your stapler…

So much for walkie-talkies, telegraphs and smoke signals…

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  1. What’s wrong with the two tin cans and string?

    This one made me laugh out loud!

    • Hi Carol,

      I’d be all for the tin cans and string. I can already see his first post it note “Do I talk into the can or the string? Please advise.” He’d probably ask me to write an operations manual and an office policy of acceptable can/string use.

      Actually, we really aren’t that far ahead of the can/string in our technology. It was just a few months ago that we upgraded to Excel 2003.

  2. Alison permalink

    Do you think he meant “Alphonso?” As in, “Only call me Alphonso?” Because always calling him “Onthephone” feels a little awkward.

    • True Alison…”Onthephone” doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

      If only he knew what we really called him.

  3. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    You know, he’s got a point. The megaphone is so disruptive to the rest of the office.

    • Thanks bigsheep,

      The megaphone is disruptive but it certainly is an attention getter. Personally, I thought semaphore flags was the way to go

  4. No more morse code?

  5. My dearest John,

    I’ve found the way now. Vote Jim or James for school council today. He needs the encouragement and he one of mine now. He has my card!!!

    Headed for closer sushi diner. Send my Bill payer in that direction, he will remember the place@_____ing on the name now. Big black sign, red letters that sound something like Med a mi.

    Edamame any one? Mmmm!

    Hugs from the only CZN running in this rave,


    PS: Remind your idiot boss that I check my tin cans at the door when ever he is close by. He can bill AT@T for me!

    • Ha! Thanks Carrie,

      I’ve thought it over carefully and am casting my vote for James. I’ll be sure to pass your message on to my boss but it may lose something in the translation 😉

  6. Sorry about the typos, I really didn’t mean to trip so hard on my computer but LOLing always makes me spaz!

  7. What the heck? I can’t imagine what he means….do you usually just yell for him from your desk? I want to live in your world for a few days just for the experience. Not too long though or I might lose my mind and commit a crime!

    • “What the heck? I can’t imagine what he means…”

      Welcome to my world. Those two sentences run through my mind on an almost daily basis. There are some notes he’s written that have left me puzzled for days.

      I think if it weren’t for the amusement factor I would have committed a crime some time ago.

  8. Perhaps he menant, Only call ME on the phone. Translation: The use of your office telephone is only for calling SF. You must keep this line of communication between you and SF open and available at all times – just in case he runs out of post it notes. Don’t feel bad, I must do the same with my boss. My co-workers use the cup an string method to contact me. …and of course my phone is colored bright red. Oh well…. It makes him feel so important!

    • Ha! That’s brilliant! I hadn’t even considered that possible interpretation (although now that I have I feel rather unwell…)

      Thanks very much, Cordieb.

  9. I hope that wasn’t a knock against smoke signals. That is the way Google employees communicate. Only professionals can send “smoke” messages. Twitter is still working on the api integration though…

  10. Shiniangel permalink

    I am sorry but I am trully laughing like mad. I know we can have some fails sometimes, it happen to all of us, but those. Wonder where your boss went to work or which school he graduated from. Really funny. Calling by voice like yelling through the building will not work.

  11. “Thank God, because I can never reach you on the stapler…” LMAO everyone in my office is now looking at me due to my inability to compose myself. That’s priceless.

  12. Oh my gosh I literally laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe! This one was great! Thanks I needed the laugh! 🙂

  13. Wow, toddlers seem more independent than your boss.
    Did he hire you to be his mother?
    Do visit sometime.

  14. eyna permalink

    Hi! I was feeling a bit low about my job and everything till I discovered your blog. Now my tummy’s aching from laughing. Thanks for this!

  15. OMG, I can’t stop laughing! It amazes me that people like this exist. How is this person in charge of anything? Mind blown.

  16. Oh darn, and I wanted to use Morse code….


  1. Thank God, because I can never reach you on your stapler… | rummy's own blog

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