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I think the politically correct term is “testicularly challenged”…

Sadly, no shortage of nuts here.

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  1. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Seems like an overly personal question to me.

  2. Perhaps he has been assigned to be a recruiter for his support group… just a thought.

    • And a very scary thought at that. Not a club I’m anxious to join.

  3. Is this even real? I would feel like I was living in the twilight zone every day!

    • Sadly all too real. It has some Twilight Zone elements – no doubt. A bit of Green Acres and Lost in Space too

  4. Hahahahahaha!!! Omigosh! You can add that one to your evidence in your sexual harrassment suit also. I’m almost laughing myself to tears, here….

    • Good point. I’ll refile this note from the “Signs of Insanity” folder to the “Human Resources Evidence” folder.

  5. Please let us know what exactly is he trying to say here! smh

    • I assume he was attempting to ask me if I was compliant with the office’s Nut Free policy and hadn’t smuggled a Snicker’s bar into my cubicle.

      I’m not 100% sure, but I really hope that’s what he meant.

  6. I can just imagine him frisking you down for Snickers or any other nuts, not before he gave you a post-it note saying “I’m about to frisk you. SF”! So sad you can’t eat nuts in your office.

    • Let’s hope I never get the “I’m about to frisk you” note. That could be the point at which I snap.

  7. I don’t understand why any boss would ever ask this question.

    • We have at least one person with nut allergies in the office. I assume it was a rather lazy attempt at due diligence on his part.

  8. HAHAHA!! I looove this one!!! 😛

  9. wouldn’t that also fall under the sexual harassment policy?

  10. OMG that was the best so far! I feel so bad your boss really is stupid> I wonder how he would handle having kids.

    Please wake up and make coffee

    How many coffee packs do we use?

    Do we need more nuts or are we full of them?
    hahahah omg omg hahaha…..

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