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If this is the new retirement package, I think I’d rather just fall over dead at my desk…

Poor guy. We’ll retain him in storage for 7 years and then have him humanely destroyed.

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  1. misswhiplash permalink

    Loved it! If he was employed by DEFRA in UK which used to be Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries poor Bob would never be seen again !

  2. misswhiplash permalink

    and neither would David!

    • That’s my fear. People tend not to come back from archives. Then again, a good number don’t return from lunch.

      We forget people pretty quickly though. 10 minutes after you’ve “moved on” your desk has been picked clean of office supplies, your name plate has been trashed any trace of you is pretty much eliminated.

  3. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Why David, why not Bob?

    • I think Bob was sent UP from archives. He has that 1950s office guy look to him. Crew cut, ruddy complexion, shortsleeved white dress shirt and narrow tie. The boss seems to find him comforting.

  4. I’m curious as to why he couldn’t tell David to go to archives?

    • For some reason my boss seems to like to funnel information through me. He regularly emails me asking me to email the team to let them know he’ll be late. Why he doesn’t just send the first email to everyone is anyone’s guess.

  5. Oh dear. >.< I love your blog…and your boss. He seems like a nice, retarded, little guy. 🙂

    • That’s a very generous description. Around the office we can tend to be a little harsher 😉

  6. John- maybe you’ve answered this before, but aren’t you afraid of your boss finding this site and getting fired? Or is this like one of those ‘cry for help’ criminal things where they are really hoping to get caught?

    Either way, it’s a delightful diversion. I’ve shared your site with everyone.


    • Hi Kate,

      I hadn’t considered the cry for help thing. Anything’s possible.

      I’m not overly concerned though. He loves post it notes but I can’t imagine him searching out theme-related blogs. Plus, I’m not entirely sure he’s figured out how to turn on his computer yet. He’s not the most tech savvy guy out there.

      Thanks for sharing the site.

  7. I’m imagining your boss posting tomorrow’s note on you saying this “I heard you have a blog, can you copy it into Word, and print it out for me?”

    Loving the blog. I’ll never see post-it notes the same way again.

    – WTM – (I wanted to sign in a way that is familiar to you!)

    • Actually, he’d probably ask to see it in Excel. He tends to think that reading spreadsheets makes him look more intelligent.

  8. “…copy it into Word, and print it out, and scan it in so you can email it to me?”

    Unbelievable! I almost envy you. Some people have mean bosses, who are SO good at it that nobody else will ever know HOW mean… And smart enough to find this post, so I’m going to say it’s “my friend’s” boss!

    • Ha. Copy, scan and email. That’s way closer to the truth than you might think. my boss would get it in the wrong order though. And he’d probably ask me to shred it first (for secutiry reasons).

  9. You make me laugh so much I think you deserve a Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats!

    ~ Shell

  10. Oh my word I can’t take it anymore! Laughing so it hurts. Am I really supposed to believe that your immediate manager actually says these things? I’m so sorry! At least you get a good blog out of it.

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