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In case of Bob please collect your personal belongings and leave the building in an orderly fashion…

Sure, Bob’s an unusual guy and strangely possessive of his paperclips but “disaster” seems a little over the top to me.

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  1. He’s talking about Hurricane Bob! He’s not aware that Bob was forced to retire after acting like a raging maniac back in ’91.

    • An interesting notion. Certainly our Bob could never be classified as a Hurricane. He’s fairly sedate. Inert, actually.

      In fact, I like to poke him with a ruler once or twice a week just to make sure he’s still with us.

  2. Bob? Bob? Who cares about Bob.

    • I’m assuming Mrs. Bob and his children Bob Jr. and Bobbie Jo.

      But I could be wrong about that.

  3. What a disaster of a boss you have, really :)! Also, poor Bob…

    • True. Most disasters we experience around here are directly related to SF.

  4. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    I think you should frame that post-it and hang it in Bob’s cubicle.

    • That’s a nice idea. I think Bob would appreciate being included. I’m not sure how he’d feel about my latest update to the plan though – “In case of emergency, break Bob.”

  5. alison permalink

    OMG – We totally had a Bob here! Except its name was Steve. I have barely survived, since he is not recognized as a disaster, but should be.

    • Poor Bob. He really isn’t a disaster – just kind of unfortunate. I fear, though, that thanks to my idiot boss Bob has now been labelled for life. (or post-it noted anyway…)

  6. Okay, is this guy for real? I mean, no one could be this stupid…could they??

  7. Does Bob know he was never included in the first place?

    • I doubt it. Not that it matters. The plan is fine but I suspect in the case of a real emergency the only thing that will be enacted are the screams of “every man for himself.” We’re okay at planning but operationalizing those plans isn’t a strength.

  8. Makes me think of the movie What About Bob?

  9. Poor Bob xD

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