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Okay, but I have a dental appointment that afternoon at 9 a.m sharp…

We get more done before 8 p.m. than most people do by noon. Or something like that…

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  1. That just made me laugh my butt off!

  2. How stupid is your boss? Is he/she really dumb or just dumb on post its?

  3. I am intrigued by the way the signature – SF – is moved around. So far, he only put it on a slant on one of the notes. Wonder if he was feeling particularly creative that day!!

    • The -SF- always drives me crazy. It’s not like he needs to sign them – I’m pretty sure I’d be able to identify the handwriting and the idiotic content without it.

  4. Perhaps I can make that meeting in the afternoon. How many others are scheduled for the morning event? Just curious!

    • We never know. Based on the way he calls meetings we’re generally lucky if anyone shows up at all.

  5. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Shouldn’t this guy be working for the government?

    • Ha. Bingo!

      • bigsheepcommunications permalink

        So what part of the federal deficit is attributable to excessive use of post-it notes?

  6. I love your blog! The post it notes are great! Always make me laugh! Thanks

  7. that’s the height of idiocy

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen permalink

    I have to tell you how happy I am to find this site. My boss could maybe take your boss in a Stupid-Off, only she uses email and they are EPIC LONG and she says the same stupid things over and over again. I don’t know which is worse. At least with the post-its you can shove them in a drawer. This woman has blown up my inbox 24/7 for the last six years. Fortunately, she’s retiring in June and then I can go off all my medications at last. Anyway, your boss reminds me a lot of her, by which I mean: I’m so sorry.

    • Thanks.

      Retiring? I’m jealous. I’m just hoping that my boss will get promoted into a new position or that I’ll get hit by a car (I prefer the former but some days the later seems like a reasonable out too).

  9. What’s @ 3

    • Okay, okay. Ok!

      Sorry about the crazies I’ve been putting out.

      Those closest know that I’d rather deal with all of this on a one to one basis, but the per diem in this part of the world is too good.

      Am sched:
      9 am meet with the russian
      After that I have free time to show off a bit.
      Then it’s either brunch or lunch with M and D@home.

      PM is cloudy but with a chance of some sun.
      Personally I’d rather nap than anything else.
      But maybe that’s because it’s almost 1 am now.

      That’s way past my usual bed time.

  10. razzlemonster permalink

    I hate those kinda meetings!

  11. To Bigsheepcommunication, I work for the government and even I know the difference between a.m. and p.m.

    Maybe he was writing the note on the other side of the international dateline?


  12. absolutely love this one…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Laughed out loud at this one while drinking coffee–not a recommended combination!!!

    Even if he gets his time periods screwed up, at least he has them in this note. My boss just says something like (and this is a quote from today via e-mail by the way) “Plan on meeting with an IT consulting firm who is coming on the 26th and/or 27th to consult with us on IT needs.”

    My immediate questions were:
    *The 26th and 27th of this month? Some other month as yet to be determined?
    **3 in the morning? 22 minutes past noon?
    ***My office? Your office? One of our 5 conference rooms? The planet formerly known as Pluto?

    (My bet is on the Pluto location.)

  14. Stupidity at its finest.

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