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I’m not 100% sure but I’m told that after a few drinks she’s not opposed to the Lap Dancing Cowgirl…

It would appear I’ve been promoted to procurement.

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  1. Noooooooo! He didn’t ask you that!
    Reminds me of:
    Worker A: I’m pregnant.
    Worker B (excited!): Congratulations! Tell me how it happened…

  2. hisqueen permalink

    which is why everytime I see the initials SF, my first
    thought is Stupid F*&%er. We’ve all had bosses like that.
    Quit a job once because my dumbass, ass kissing boss told me to
    work overtime, without pay. I told her I had to get home so the
    hubby could go to work, since we didn’t use babysitters. She told
    me to get a babysitter or tell my hubby to quit his job. I told her
    off, took disability leave (due to the stress she was causing me)
    and quit at the end of the leave. But not before writing a letter
    to her boss and sending it all the way up the line. Yeah she moved
    up the management ladder really fast because they liked assholes
    like her. I believe her base position was under anyone who was
    upper management and could help her move up the ladder.

  3. Just found your blog- love it. I too worked for a bafoon. She would come to board meetings and take notes on a post-it pad that she held at the end of her nose…and she always had oatmeal inexplicably on her chin. No matter the time of day.

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