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Only if you’ll remind me to ask you how you got your job in the first place…

Sure. Or we could just consider the note to be an adequate form of notification and call it a day.

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  1. Only if he tells us where he is going.

    • I don’t think he has any clue. It’s really just enough to know he won’t be here. I’ll take the opportunity to destroy the entire office’s inventory of post-it notes.

  2. lol! This reminds me of the blog Living Dilbert. I will check out some more of yours. Thanks!

  3. …and how exactly would it go over if you left the same Post-It for aforementioned idiot boss?


    • J Roycroft permalink

      He no doubt went to pick up some Nutella!

  4. Mayhaps that message was directed at the post-it note itself. Sort of like walking up to your car and telling it, “You will carry me the the place that I must visit.”

  5. How do these kinds of people actually rise to such a level of incompetence?
    Been there, done that, got the Tshirt.

    • We all know that the incompetent get promoted while the good workers are kept below as pillars to support the business

  6. bigsheepcommunications permalink

    Be sure to thank your idiot manager for giving you such classic material – you may have the beginnings of the next Dilbert or The Office! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  7. what’s that thing ? are u suffering from fever ?

  8. my boss does this all the time, but via email. its no better!

  9. Seleana Saltman permalink

    😀 HAHA. This just made my day

  10. I’m good… thanks. Lmao

  11. I love the title of your post. I think I’ve found a favorite read.

  12. theveryhungrybookworm permalink

    It is a great quandary of my life, figuring out how the people who have control over my job, have control over my job. Who on earth decided that those people deserve any power and can I please get that same kind of luck?

  13. Abigail permalink

    I think the idiot boss needs his office covered in post-it notes. 😉

  14. Now this is my favorite Freshly Pressed Post…….it!

    spread the humor:

  15. I’m totally going to use this next time I need to leave a post-it note for my fiance! LMAO!

  16. A reminder to do something unnecessary… Sounds like someone I want to work for!

  17. It’s true what they say about if you’re good at your job they won’t promote you to supervise others….and also that sh*t rises!!

  18. Ha. Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  19. Turds float. That simple truth explains most management hierarchies in most companies.

  20. Ohhh wow I wish I had thought of this idea back when I was employed… 🙂

  21. Haha, I love it. I actually wish I had a boss who would leave those on my computer.

  22. This is not for real, is it? That’s hilarious!

  23. Thank you for the giggles. Now I have to go wipe off the juice I was drinking from my laptop screen. Is it mean to hope that you have lots more of these notes? ;P

  24. Haha nice! Resignation by Post-It. I love it. 🙂

    Congratulations on being FP!!

  25. Thank god that person is not my boss.

  26. jule1 permalink

    Love it! A reminder is one thing, a reminder to remind you is quite another.

  27. Do your part for America. Be a vector. Work when ill. I did and the only sounds heard in this office for weeks have been hacking coughs. I’m a vector! (And I don’t get paid when I stay home, either.)

  28. Sounds like something from Michael Scott!

  29. Lol! He can’t be serious!

  30. HA! Unbelievable.

  31. Welcome to the new America. I have two fresh college grads working for me, and neither can spell or write a complete sentence.

  32. very heard to understand English huomor lol

  33. realanonymousgirl2011 permalink

    Shut the front door! Did that really happen?

  34. Katie Gou permalink

    These notes usually make me happiest out of all the notes I can receive! Haha.

  35. “Sure will D. boss, do hope though that you will be making a permanent visit to the file 13 department.”
    Whew! What a reliel that would be, I thought.

  36. amazingly funny….:-)
    Made my day sunny.

  37. me llamo brown permalink

    this is too funny! I am sorry this person is your boss. Great idea for a blog tho.

  38. San permalink


  39. wow! we need a mass post it campaign for this

  40. what a fail… 🙂 congrats on FP!!

  41. Funny:-) Very enjoyable post!!!

  42. Hahaha! Love your blog. 🙂

  43. stylistnc permalink

    Too funny.

  44. Wow I’m glad to know I’m not the only one to get the over abundance of post it notes from my manager. I like to respond back though with semi humor sarcasm. Funny she never writes anything back.
    I’d be like “yeah, tomorrow I’ll remind you that you aren’t here” just to mess them up.
    Or maybe write on the next post it note coming up crazy messages….and the next one…and the next one. Maybe….Remind me that I’m giving you a raise. haha.

  45. HAHAHA so awesome. Some people… 😛

  46. You should have left him/her one that said, “Remind me to remind you to remind me that you won’t be here tomorrow.” And then another one a few feet away saying, “Don’t forget…to remind me to remind you to remind me that you won’t be here tomorrow.” And a few feet from that one, “Remind me to remind you, not to forget to remind me to remind you to remind me that you won’t be here tomorrow.” And so on…

  47. Haha. Really funny huh.

  48. lalunar permalink


  49. Jonny permalink

    This is really awesome! very funny! check out

  50. boy!! you must really hate your boss!!

  51. ambroseservices permalink

    That reminds me. I shouldn’t be here!

  52. chinesefoodfacts permalink


  53. Reply Post it Note:
    Remind me to remind you to tell me that you won’t be here tomorrow.

    Mother Hen

  54. auls_ permalink

    hahaha gosh, just kill your boss

  55. This is great! On the positive side, at least you know you can come in late and book time for a nice lunch. Good luck dealing with said boss.

    Congrats on being FP!

  56. I love this blog.



  57. LOL! I’m glad I read this – some bosses eh!

  58. hahaha very nice!

  59. Idiot bosses! Tell me all about it. No post it notes yet just very badly written memo’s the best one being my boss referring to her first month as a being a “fire of baptism”

    I mean WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Hahah!

    That is brilliant.

    My boss assumes that he tells me stuff, then questions why I haven’t done something.
    He will say “I emailed you”
    Er….”No, Sir. You didn’t”

    Got to love them!

  61. Miz D permalink

    I still laughing after all these comments. What an idiot! I guess it pays to be stupid. Now I know where I, you and 79 other comments went wrong. I have to share that one. Chile Pleeze!

  62. Mmmwwwaaahhhh! Oh yeah, I did… laughed so hard the liquid I was drinking – yeah, through the nose. Thanks!

  63. alastor993 permalink

    Funny! And I have to say, being a total choas brain, not a bad idea! I could write The Boyfriend post-its cause he always forgets to remind me of stuff!

    But I’m curious, has the post-it writer in question been in an accident or something which makes it impossible to realise a message like that is like…. well sufficient?

  64. Ha. Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  65. AryanMolaeimehr permalink


  66. lol he/she doesn’t seem too bad…now, if he/she were an ass, that’d be a different story. Yeah…bossy asses are not cool. At all.

  67. I cannot subscribe to this fast enough.

  68. Have you write him back? Write a note on his desk: “Remember: you’re not here today” … so you can sneak out for a while, enjoy your long lunch break, or even eat in your cubicle. But I think your idea is even better. Destroy the entire office while he’s not around? :p

  69. Hey, I think we have the same boss…oh wait, nevermind, I quit that job.

  70. Was the post it note stuck to your Boss’s head by any chance?

  71. chocolatespacemonkey permalink

    post-its are life!

  72. nice reminder but what if he also forgot to remind you? what could possibly happen???? that got me thinkin’ :p

  73. This is not a post-it-note story but I received the following SMS from my former employer:
    “Call me back I seem to have misplaced your phone number”
    I reciprocated “Sorry, I seem to have misplaced my cell phone”

  74. I love bosses that are kind of out of touch like this. I mean…ever wonder what they’re like, at home? How do they feed themselves…pick out clothes at the store..make REAL decisions? Fun stuff, like this blog! Congrats on your Fresh Pressage!


  75. I had a boss and two collegues ,we were drinking beer with our boss, actually that kind of a boss is never really a boss, he’s just waiting to be replaced with some ass shitter. because he’s not a winning ass. And after he was replaced by his boss, we came to firm looking at our new boss, he was working with me untill yesterday and now he wants me to digg a asphalt
    road in the summer at35*c in the noon, with a plug of some kind, then we all three said him to digg on his own after he didn’t wonted to call his boss and tell him we rejected him, that was a stress for him because we said him to get us some road saw so we can work more easely, then he said his boss we wont work. So the next day we’ve got our tickets to sign our fired asses out of the firm. But you know what that was the best thing ever happen to me after that i went to school for a web design & programming, and now I work in the office.
    If I ever become some kind of a boss I will definitively not ask anybody to work over his ass to save my own ass. That is demining and not humane.

  76. Sorry for my missspeling im from Croatia, beautifull country!.

  77. I like this guy’s style.

  78. Gia permalink

    LOLLLL. this definitely started off my morning the right way. hilarity.

  79. So funny, but scary because its so real.

  80. The Compulsive Writer permalink

    You could always ante up, leave your boss a note that says “Don’t bother me, I’m in a meeting with myself.” And close the door for 2 hours (providing you have an office with a door.) Could work?

  81. Haha, that’s quite funny.

  82. Now this is my favorite Freshly Pressed Post…….it!

    spread the humor:

  83. But that would be more like “remind me to tell him/her I won´t be here tomorrow”

  84. Reblogged this on Quidditchbitch and commented:
    Hilarious !!!

  85. I think your titles for your posts might be even more hilarious than the notes from your boss.


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