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And due to budget constraints we will no longer be allowed to use verbs…

Thank God there isn’t a policy about unnecessary managers that aren’t required.

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  1. if u cn rd ths mssge u cn gt a gd jb.

    I have a policy against unnecessary vowels.

  2. Do you work at a newspaper?


  3. Do you work in the Department of Redundancy Department?
    (I just lost my place and absent-mindedly posted this comment on an earlier post. Pardon the non-sequitur.)

  4. Wow. Absolutely love this blog. Thanks for reminding me that I am not the only one stuck in a horrid work zone and asking myself how I got here.

  5. I cannot find here no mistake that is wrong.

  6. I think this is my favorite that I’ve read so far! That would make me want to use them in every sentence possible.

  7. There’s a cartoon that I watch with my kiddo in which there is a character called Lady Redundancy Woman. She always uses at least three synonymous adjectives to describe something. Your boss is her soul mate.

    Also, I have now nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Because while your boss doesn’t seem especially creative, your zings sure are! 🙂

    Rules here:

  8. I had to stop at this one and mention that it literally made me laugh out loud. I shouldn’t read these at church services.

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