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It’s like a disincentive wrapped in riddle…

I’m not sure whether he wants me to pretend I worked overtime or is asking that I compensate him for the extra hours.

Either way, I’m leaving early.

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  1. Do you work for the government by any chance?

    • I’m thinking more along the lines of an Engineering firm…

    • I’m fairly sure that there are idiot bosses in all fields. There are probably just greater concentrations of them in government and engineering. Thank God I’m not in governeering. I hear that’s a nightmare.

  2. Paula Gardner permalink

    I think I’ve worked for him too.

    • I think there must be a special management school they all go to. Sort of a cross between the Learning Annex and Disney World with Tony Robbins as the Dean.

  3. Leaving early was the best choice.

    • No. In the right light though he bears an uncanny resemblance to William Howard Taft. There is something about a portly man with a busy mustache…

  4. I’m guessing SF stands for Sorry F#@k…just sayin’

  5. rizzma permalink



  1. It’s like a disincentive wrapped in riddle… (via Post it Notes from my Idiot Boss) « Word Salad

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